Into the Grain

by HighWay17

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"Film grain or granularity is the random optical texture of processed photographic film due to the presence of small particles of a metallic silver, or dye clouds, developed from silver halide that have received enough photons. While film grain is a function of such particles (or dye clouds) it is not the same thing as such. It is an optical effect, the magnitude of which (amount of grain) depends on both the film stock and the definition at which it is observed.

When the particles of silver are small, the standard aperture area measures an average of many particles, so the granularity is small. When the particles are large, fewer are averaged in the standard area, so there is a larger random fluctuation, and a higher granularity number.

In digital photography, image noise sometimes appears as a "grain-like" effect." (c)

Initially "Into the Grain" was a thing from "The Grain Box" mini-maze (19.08.12), but later it was seated on compilation "Destruction Of Consciousness, Part III" (20.11.12), and now it got its private space.


released December 25, 2012

Arsenic Strychnine - devices, synths, voice, lyrics
Frankly S. Hankly - devices, synths



all rights reserved


HighWay17 Bermuda

"Hello to all dreamy childish souls, passers-by, wanderers and explorers. Welcome to HighWay17 playroom wich opened its doors in the early spring 2009 and closed its doors in April, 2017. In this mazelike area you can meet numerous sound-beings, sonic-toys and other freaky things, living in intricacy" - Mr. Voicetube ... more

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