The Nylon Fillings

by HighWay17

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"Nylon is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers known generically as aliphatic polyamides, first produced on February 28, 1935, by Wallace Carothers at DuPont's research facility at the DuPont Experimental Station. Nylon is one of the most commonly used polymers.
Nylons are condensation copolymers formed by reacting equal parts of a diamine and a dicarboxylic acid, so that amides are formed at both ends of each monomer in a process analogous to polypeptide biopolymers. Chemical elements included are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

A dental filling is a dental restorative material used to restore the function, integrity and morphology of missing tooth structure. Dental restoration also refers to the replacement of missing tooth structure that is supported by dental implants. Direct restorations is the technique which involves placing a soft or malleable filling into the prepared tooth and building up the tooth before the material sets hard. Platic fillings are less popular these days for they are rather toxic for dental pulp, get worn faster, change their colour and deform easily." (с)


released February 28, 2014

Arsenic Strychnine - devices, samples, synths, flakes, voice (except "Fragile Jaws"), lyrics (except "Dr. Zee"), artworks.



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HighWay17 Bermuda

"Hello to all dreamy childish souls, passers-by, wanderers and explorers. Welcome to HighWay17 playroom wich opened its doors in the early spring 2009 and closed its doors in April, 2017. In this mazelike area you can meet numerous sound-beings, sonic-toys and other freaky things, living in intricacy" - Mr. Voicetube ... more

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Track Name: An Extremely Ca Deficiency
An Extremely Ca Deficiency

Oh, here you are. At last! I'm so glad you came. I begin to think already that you started to forget about me and my cubicle. Please, do not leave and stay with me at least for a while. I strongly need some of your attention, good Doctor. You are the host and I'm a guest in this beautiful, wonderful and clean clinic. So please, in the name of the Endless Universe, bring me some sea shells. I need more sea shells to eat. You see, I ate all shells that you gave me last week. That portion wasn't big enough and I have nothing to eat now. So please, please bring me more sea shells. Sweet, whitey sea shells for my breakfast, for my dinner and supper. I will eat them for all days long with great pleasure and good appetite. And you know why I wish them so...

I'm just a little humble patient in your clinic, good Doctor. Am I asking too much? I do not want another food. No other food! Nothing! Except my lovely shells. Give me them immediately. You see what's wrong with me! Without my lovely shells I'll totally be scattered. I'm scattering already - look on my pillow, look on the blanket - it's all covered with thick layer of crumbs and dust from me. My bones like a dry straw on a field in a rainless season. I'm crumbling, I'm breaking, I'm tearing apart.

Please, help me. Please, heal me.

- Lyrics by Arsenic Strychnine
Track Name: Parts Left On The Stretchers
Parts Left On The Stretchers

Stretchers rush into the hall, bringing down gaping doctors
Patients and wounded nurses
Heads brush from the yellow walls,
Hanging down, smiling happy smiles, catching with their tongues
Flocks of loony sleepy flies.

Hospital is overrun - ruined chambers, slaping doors
Tile floor is covered with burnt prosthesises, ragged gloves,
False teeth, the nylon fillings, exuding kidneys, bleeding decrepit broken bones
This is absolutely monstrous day for the moody personnel,
Gnawing nails, trying to ignore the overloaded phone line.

Cause someone want another iron throat,
Someone want new artificial eyes
Right between his plastic nose
On the sateen skin,
He is coming in!

And they say: don't refuse it!
Don't be heady,
Surgery is ready,
Surgery is ready!

Is this a doll or is it a human?
No one can't be sure for now
What the doctors wanna do
With his nasty plans? And how?!

Is this a flesh or is it a fabric?
No one able to answer now
What the nurses gonna do
With his scraped parts? And how?!

How you can be so unfeeling
To sew up another filler?
To lay down under knife?
For alter yourself alive?
Let your parts be exchanged
And then leave them on the stretcher.

And they say: don't refuse it!
Don't be heady,
Surgery is ready,
Surgery is ready!

- Lyrics by Arsenic Strychnine
Track Name: Dr. Zee
Dr. Zee

Get back into society,
Back into the community

Dimensions are parallel,
But there's this funny smell
All functions are shutting down,
Everything's brown
Laxadasical haze
Not phased by the maze
I'm so sick,
I forgot all about my outfit

My skin is turning green
Feels like neoprene
This radioactivity
Has gotten inside of me
Oh, the shame!
Just being the same
As that Tom, Dick and Harry
I wanna be Larry

Come see Dr. Zee
Go back into society
New identity
Back into the community

This so called lunachic,
It's just so last week
Get it right in rehearsal,
Try to think universal
Through the looking glass
Now tell me what do you see?
With a little hard work
We could be pretty

Come see Dr. Zee
Get back into society
New identity
Back into the community

Come see Dr. Zee
Go back into society
New identity
Back into the community

Oh, so frivolous!
I look ridiculous
A walking absurdity,
Afraid of obscurity
Mmm, this elegance
Has lost its relevance
Nasty rumours are doing the rounds,
And it's all over town

Come see Dr. Zee
Get back into society
New identity
Back into the community

Come see Dr. Zee
Go back into society
New identity
Back into the community

This monstrosity
Impending irony
Is playing on my mind
Still I'm one of a kind.

- Lyrics by Róisín Murphy
Track Name: The Nylon Fillings (Pt. 1+2+3)
The Nylon Fillings

The nylon fillings appeared in my wooden teeth,
It's such an improper and foreign material for my mouth
The upper jaw is where they've been set
The nylon fillings make me so upset.

- Lyrics by Arsenic Strychnine